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This Is How It Begins!


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to RetinaShots for iPad!

We started humble a year and a half back by tweeting single wallpapers from @RetinaiPadWalls (now @RetinaShots) on Twitter. Over time we made many friends and fell in love with the appreciation that you gave us back. Thus far we have broadcast over 700 wallpapers, every one of them carefully edited to look great on your iPad. Over 4000 of you followed our work on Twitter and Facebook. Albeit all these numbers, to be perfectly honest to you, I never personally thought that we’d come this far.

I’ll keep it short and come straight to what I want to say the most: thank you. For being wonderful strangers that kept us consistently motivated to do this. You made our lives colorful with your follows, comments, likes, tweets — so it’s our turn to make yours colorful. We owe this website to you!

We’ll start off with our most popular 50 wallpapers to go easy on our servers and keep adding a bunch to our collection every day. We’ll post updates every time on Twitter and Facebook. Also, the website is not optimized to browse on small screen devices like the iPhone. Yet. It’s a good idea to browse it on the desktop and iPad for now. But don’t worry, we’ll take care of that in the coming weeks.

With best wishes,


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  1. At last!
    I whish you all the best!

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