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RetinaShots aims to be the most carefully curated, yet an extensive selection of vibrant, beautiful wallpapers, that qualify Apple’s high quality standards.

iPad RetinaShots (previously @RetinaiPadWalls on twitter) was born from the lack of a unified collection of consistently great wallpapers for the iPad. However, it was not created to be a source of monetary profits. As it has been since the beginning, we want to share beautiful wallpapers with millions of gadget owners around the world, not make money from the process.

We are semi-professional photographers ourselves and take copyrights and image ownership very seriously.

None of the images hosted on RetinaShots are owned by us, in part or in whole, and belong to their respective creator. We venture to ensure that our wallpapers are always procured from open, public domain image resources. We review the metadata of every image we import into our database to make sure they are indeed copyright-free. Depending on their condition, we then edit these to match the vibrancy and color gamut of the iPad’s display. However, as it is with a lot of other stuff on the internet, copyrighted material do end up in uncopyrighted sources. We try our very best to confirm the legitimacy of license-free images but sometimes a couple escape us.

In the event that you find your copyrighted work on our website, please contact us at the earliest. We would be more than glad to credit you for your work on the same page, or, should you so desire, completely remove the material from our website and servers. Do please understand that we would need proof of your ownership to verify that you really are the copyrighted owner of your work. This needs to be atleast a  link to a popular website (for example Flickr, where you had originally uploaded your image), if not additional items such as EXIF data and watermarked screenshots of the original, unedited RAW images.

Please note that under applicable law 17 U.S.C. 512(f),  any individual that knowingly, materially misrepresents that a certain material or activity is infringing, may be subject to liability.